Oli Geddes Footlock Mastery Instructional Review

I love footlocks. Like, really love footlocks. So when I heard that Roger Gracie black belt, prolific competitor, scrambler buddy and all around nice guy Oli Geddes was releasing a footlock instructional, I was excited to see what he knowledge … Continue reading

Polaris Pro 2 photographs

Polaris 2 was phenomenal. A full write up of the event will be in the next issue of Jiu Jitsu Style but until then, here’s an assortment of shots from the event. Massive thanks to the Scramble, Tatami and BJJ Style guys … Continue reading

12 months post op- one year on

Set- backs: Knee still feels stiff first thing in the morning Makes squelchy noises when I try to walk on my knees before it’s warmed up. It’s foul. Previous monthss goals analysis: Continue building strength– record and monitor improvements Green= … Continue reading

Post op 10 months (almost)

Achievements:  Training with a knee brace Rolling at 80% Stronger leg strength- able to balance and attempt passing standing with more force Set- backs: Knee still feels stiff first thing (and prior to warming up) Makes squelchy noises when I … Continue reading

Polaris summary

Oh my Goddd. Polaris was, phenomenal. I’m not going to say too much, as I’ve written an article on Polaris for the upcoming Jiu Jitsu Style magazine. So here’s my super-brief-pictoral-summary-of-all-happenings-from-Polaris:              

Post op- 8 months

Achievements:  Lightly drilling stand up- throws and wrestling Kneeling fine with knee brace on Playing guard feels fine Set- backs: Knee still requires warming up before sitting deep on heels Previous weeks goals analysis: Continue building strength- record and monitor … Continue reading

Post op- Weeks 23-27

You can tell I’m back at work. I’ve not blogged in 5 weeks, and I’ve not even realised I’ve not blogged. Ha. This’ll be interesting.. Achievements:  Further kneeling improvement (through stretching) Carrying out some light stand up drills at training … Continue reading

Post op- Week 21 & 22

Achievements:  Rolling at Jiu Jitsu regularly Kneeling improvements (knee pads at training) Set- backs: Slight tweak when rolling the other day. No pain, but very aware that I based too much on it Aching from lunges increasing general knee-ache Week … Continue reading

Post op- Week 19 & 20

Achievements:  I rolled. AGAIN Progress with kneeling- sat on heels Can lunge, fully. Resulting in great leg workouts Set- backs: Jumped off Penny board a bit fast, knee has been a bit sore since. Moron. Week 19/20 goals analysis: Train 2 … Continue reading