Magni Power Sponsorship

Magni Power Sponsorship

I’m super excited to announce a new sponsor, in the form of custom made strength equipment from..


The guys at Magni Power  use metal to create custom built strength equipment. Hardcore stuff like macebells, paralettes and heaps of grip strength equipment.

It’s all custom made to order, so be sure to check them out here if you are looking for some old school strength training equipment.

Prices and gear can all be found on their facebook page here. They also have a website coming soon.

Have a look below at some of the gear they have made:


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I’m really excited to add some new gear to my strength workouts, especially as strength and conditioning is all I’m capable of for a few months.

Massive thanks to Lewis from Magi Power for contacting me to be part of the team!

I’ll be going back to Jiu Jitsu as hench as a Viking. Only, less beard. 

This quote on their facebook page sums things up nicely:

“If you want to be able to crush your enemies or lift a burning car off a hot chick then you need old school strength”.


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