Oli Geddes Footlock Mastery Instructional Review

Oli Geddes Footlock Mastery Instructional Review
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I love footlocks. Like, really love footlocks. So when I heard that Roger Gracie black belt, prolific competitor,

Oli Geddes. Looking smug. I mean ‘ard.

scrambler buddy and all around nice guy Oli Geddes was releasing a footlock instructional, I was excited to see what he knowledge he had to offer.

Leglocks are definitely in fashion at the moment, thanks to the Danaher death squad, Eddie Cummings and Gary Tonon showing their effectiveness in submission only events. Long gone are the days when leglocks were seen as the dirty cheap move (that’s reserved solely for wrist locks now, right?)

This instructional focuses entirely on the straight footlock, which is fantastic as it is an IBJJF legal move for all adult belts. It is increasing in popularity amongst white to purple belts, but it is often neglected in favour of toe holds and knee-bars by brown and black belts. However, Oli is someone who has had an enormous amount of success using the straight ankle lock in black belt competition.

His instructional features a variety of set ups and finishes of the straight foot lock, showing the complexity and transferability of the position to numerous positions

More a super specific break- down of each position, check out Meerkatsu’s blog here. But here’s my lazy version:

    • An introduction to the position
    • Basic introduction to the position: traditional leg positioning
    • Shell theory: Secret ninja shit. Buy instructional to find out.
    • Finishing theory: The success of a footlock is very much dependent on the tiny details. How to effectively trap the foot and acquire a good grip subtle differences between angles, and the differences between an achilles lock and footlock. Oli’s explanations are thorough, detailed, yet easy to follow.

One of my favourite aspects of this instructional how Oli focusses on 2 of the more popular foot positioning variations equally. Each technique shown has a traditional foot positioning version, and an outside hook positioning. Being a die-hard fan of the outside hook (#teamoutsidehook) I thought this inclusion was awesome and inclusive for those who opt for the more superior foot positioning.. Ahem.

The instructional goes on to show:

  • Knee finish aka belly down from traditional foot position and outside hook


  • Cross over to leg drag, coming up to a smash pass style leg drag if you chose to abort the footlock (Why? Who would ever do that..?)


Now the basics are over, he moves onto the good shit:


  • 50/50: entry from footlock, how to knee break to free the leg you want to attack, a sneaky calf crush (sshh, it looks legal) as well as a nasty reverse grip finish.

He then moves onto a really important area of footlock attacks. How to attack from the bottom when your opponent is standing. I use a lot of single leg x and 50/50 to launch a footlock attack, but a standing opponent can foil your plans and break your heart if you don’t know how to sweep or off balance them enough to continue an attack. Oli covers:


  • Standing ankle lock control theory; single leg x hold, cross sweep, double ankle sweep (in both traditional foot positioning and outside hook foot positioning)
  • X guard: tripod sweep and waiter sweep set ups that follow the same principles as the normal sweeps, but with little details that allow you to latch yourself onto their leg in the process


You thought that was it? Nope. Oli’s got you covered. The last bunch of techniques cover how to attack when your opponent is kneeling or in combat base and they feature attacks from:


  • Half guard and
  • Spider guard

Before ending with:


  • Entries from top
  • Escapes: In case you become the nail

The video itself is great quality. It’s close enough to see all the details, and supported with brief shots from different angles. It goes at a steady pace. No slo- mo replays, just details, before Oil demonstrating a couple of times. After trying some techniques at training, I went home and re-watched parts over again to check details and grips. I find this much more useful in real time, even if this means watching is 6 or 7 times until it sinks into my little brain..


As someone who uses footlocks a lot, there were a number of positions shown that I already use, but Oli offered a handful of tiny details that have helped me ensure I can finish the sweep, or get the grip more efficiently. It really is all in the details, and Oli offers all of them!

It’s a measles £24.99 so cough up you tight bastards. People don’t bat an eyelid at paying £40 to attend a Brazilian black belt seminar where you only understand every third word. Support UK BJJ and Oli by paying less than that for a resource that’s yours to keep and refer to forever. FOREVER. This is available as a digital download product with the aim of it being available on iOS and Android devices very soon. Because fuck DVD’s. Fuck ’em.

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Much cheap


Buy it HERE

Thanks Oli for letting me review this. It’s awesome. Thanks Scramble for dressing me well. And thanks God. No wait, not him. Instead I’ll thank my training partners who still roll with me despite my obsession with their feet..


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