Post op 10 months (almost)

Post op 10 months (almost)


  • Training with a knee brace
  • Rolling at 80%
  • Stronger leg strength- able to balance and attempt passing standing with more force

Set- backs:

  • Knee still feels stiff first thing (and prior to warming up)
  • Makes squelchy noises when I try to walk on my knees before it’s warmed up. It’s foul.

Previous monthss goals analysis:

  • Continue building strength– record and monitor improvements

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Exercises (per day):

  • 10 x 90-degrees-squats
  • 1 x 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)

On weekends:

  • 5 mins on bike
  • 3 x 10 lunges on right and 10 lunges on left
  • 3 x 10 sec holds of L sit and tucked (on paralettes)
  • 3 x 20 macebell swings left and right
  • 3 x 10 slow controlled squats (ensuring equal weight distribution)
  • 3 x 15 sec holds of heel to butt
  • 3 x 15 sec kneeling stretches- push to sit on heels.



So I’m 10 months post op, and for the past couple of months I’ve been rolling fairly hard without any issues or near injury. I can do most things now, apart from:

  • Standing to pass in closed guard (which I physically can do- I’m strong enough now, but I’m mentally too scared in case I get swept hard and I cant move my leg out of danger).
  • Lasso grip using bag leg. Again, I can. Put I pull it out a lot in case it gets tweaked when someone tries to break the grip too fast for me.
  • Takedowns. Any shooting that requires my knee hitting the floor is a no no. But I can drill single leg takedowns on people and I can be taken down as I can pivot and balance on that leg fine now.

The past few weeks I’ve really felt as if my Jiu Jitsu isn’t only back where it was pre surgery, but that it’s actually progressed in certain areas. I got my first tab just before Christmas which reassured me that I’m back on the journey and making steps forward- which is a really good feeling!


I’ve been foccusing more on nogi, as I feel more comfortable passing when standing as there is less chance of becoming entangled in my own/someone elses gi! That and us purple and brown belts are drilling footlocks on each other in normal sparring now, and foot locks are much more fun nogi (probably because they’re higher percentage and easier to finish nogi). Still avoiding any takedown sparring, but I’ll drill techniques and do one for one sparring on certain takedowns (that don’t involve any wrapping or sweeping of my bad leg).


In other news, it was my birthday earlier this month- check out the picture of the cake my Mum made me! I got a lot of thoughtful gifts including my own Shebeastbjj t-shirt and a David Horne World of Grip Vulcan 2 gripper to get my grip strength up!


The next womens open mat is at the end of this month. It’s being held in Plymouth and I’m super excited to roll with some of the girls again. I’ll be sure to write another blog about the open mat before I get too busy again!

 Cool, that’s it for now. Slow and steady progress, but progress is building up all the time and I’m enjoying being back to me usual self. I reckon I’ll stop these updates at the 12 month mark, so I’ll make sure I blog 2 or 3 more times before April 26th 2015!



4 thoughts on “Post op 10 months (almost)”

  • will be following your condition programme me thinks! also found recently a little bit of yoga has helped! 🙂

    In day to day things i still find i over compensate with my hips and other leg so a good ole’ stretch has got things slowly pulling back where they should be, might sound silly but just stay mega aware of your posture, plantation etc when just walking or standing etc!

    Power to the ACL rehab team!


    • Hi Luke,

      Stretching definitely helps! I still overcompensate in my hips and legs for my weaker side, but I focus on being equally weighted when squatting and I’ll try to focus on it for general posturing too. Thanks for the advice 🙂

      Power to the ACL rehab team!!

  • Thanks for sharing you acl post op recovery! Learned a lot here! Had mine last week and your recovery tips will be handy!

    Keep rolling!

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