Post op- Day 1

Post op- Day 1

 DAY 1-

I slept good. No waking in night crying out in pain or anything. I needed to pee at 5:30, but that was it. Getting on and off the loo is a challenge though. I’m very grateful I had been practicing single leg squats before the surgery!

Check out my morning ROM;
Pretty good, huh? 

The yellow stuff is iodine. I’m not a filthy animal.

Rehab movements today:

4 x 15 knee flexion 
4 x 5min holds of passive knee stretch (knee hang)
3 x 10 Static quad tensing
3 x 5 Straight leg raises

Knee flexion. Skanky legs still covered in iodine.. 

My icing regime is as follows;

Icing for 20mins at 

  • 8am
  • 11am
  • 3pm
  • 6pm
  • 9pm
As I mentioned in my previous post, the bandages around my leg are thick as hell right now. There’s cotton wool and all sorts under there. So I’m not sure how much the ice is really helping with the swelling (or indeed, how much swelling there is, as I can’t decipher swelling for bandage!).

I reckon I’m almost achieving a 90 degrees bend in my knee now (8pm).

Still trying to weight bear, but really struggling. I can stand up fine, but its 90:10 ratio of weight distribution right now. Very painful if I try to put any more weight down.

That’s the only thing that causes discomfort. I’m on 400mg tablets of ibuprofen, and 500mg of Co-codamol and taking them throughout the day when it starts to ache a little. But that’s all experienced so far, a dull ache. When doing my exercises later on, it got a little worse. But nothing like I’d imagined. On my (just this second made-up) pain-o-meter, I’d probably say I’m cruising along at a 3/4 today.


At about 5pm I took off the bandages. I was icing my knee, and whilst the top of the bandages felt cold, when I put my fingers underneath it (passed all the layers and cotton wool), my knee felt really hot. I know how imperative icing is to the rehab process, so figured I’d take off the bandages, but keep it compressed with a super tight tuby grip. I could feel the coolness of the ice afterwards. I reckon I’ve made a good decision.

Played around with bearing a little more weight later on and managed to walk much better. I’ll take photos and a little video of that tomorrow though.

That’s all for day 1. Day 2 to follow tomorrow..


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