Post op- Day 2

Post op- Day 2

Day 2-

Another good night of sleep. Lying around and playing Mortal Kombat must be exhausting me..

I took of my tubey grip and had a nosey at the state of my knee today. Mainly because I’m a rebel, but also because, as mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t feel the cold of the ice getting through to my knee. 

Side note: My iodine stained leg looks freeeeakin’ nasty still. Despite having a shower this morning, I swear. Oh yeah, the shower was interesting. I decided I’d stand (because only old ladies sit down in the shower), which made for a terrifying ordeal. I reckon I’m about 70:30 in terms of weight distribution. But I thought I might trip and die. But I didn’t. Hooray for me.
Post tubey grip wrinkle-age
Today has largely been a day of rehab exercises and icing like crazy.


2 x 10 knee flexion (aka holycrapthisistortureflexion)

5 x 10 minute holds of passive knee stretch
3 x 10 straight leg raises 

I’ve focused more on hyperextending my knee today. I’ve read so much literature before the surgery, and the fastest recoveries followed the regime of; get the swelling down with heaps of ice (check) and reduce swelling ASAP in order to be able to regain full ROM faster.

Despite what mummybeast says, I don’t think the swelling is as bad as I had envisaged;

Thin (ish) vs. Fatty

However, the front of my knee has felt very tight today. I’ve managed to get a 90 degree bend again, but it was more challenging than yesterday. I feel like I’m about to blow out all the stitches when I try to get a 90 degree bend. Not an enjoyable experience. So I did them, but not as many as I did yesterday.

Despite hands on my hips, my face is more like “AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOHHGODDDDDD”

So yeah, hyper-extensions and leg raises today. I should probably mention that when I’m not doing the exercises, I look like this;

Looking down on leg, but I swear it’s raised to chest level with more height under the ankle

Icing regime (each for 20mins):

6pm- Introduced cryocuff (see below)

At about 5:30 I sent some minions over to collect a cryocuff from my coach Darren. It is the most incredible, beautiful, thoughtful creation in existence. Ram some ice in the top, a little cold water, pump it up and let the coolness flow round. It’s lusssshhhhhh.
I approve
In addition to the exercises, I’ve also been practicing my walking- whilst wearing the sexy brace. Post ACL surgery you’re encouraged to fully weight bare as soon as possible. As I can stand up unassisted, I figured I’d be walking pretty soon. However, putting all my weight on the operated leg feels horrrrrrrible. Not painful or anything, just, weird. I’ll be taking it super steady, but I’ll be practicing 4 or 5 times a day.

I’m trying to avoid developing any bad habits in reference to using the crutches too. I’m walking super slow, and making sure I bend my knee, and placing my foot down heel-toe.
My brother (she..bro?) had an MCL reconstruction in December last year, so has some experience in how to get back to walking properly. He’s my walking guru.

He has more holes in his leg though.

Extra side note; Whilst we have had different ligaments reconstructed, his involved a hamstring graft, and mine is a patella graft. It will be interesting to compare when we are both fully healed, as I’ve heard conflicting opinions on each graft. 

Ah, I’ve also remembered I’ve bought some supplements to help fix me. Along with my usual whey protein (that I usually drink post workout, but am currently drinking pre bed time) I’ve bought this stuff:


So ligaments are made of collagen, collagen is in this lemon bon bon flavoured thing, so I’ve had a serving today and may start having a couple of servings a day.

Pain has been on and off today. Yesterday I alternated ibuprofen with co-codamol and felt fine. I’ve tried to ease off today and I’ve only had one serving of each. I am feeling it though. Again, not so much in my knee, but the stitches and actual wound hurts (probably from the compression of the tubey grip and the painful-bending-death exercises).

Pain-o-meter- probably a 4 or 5. Most painful thing today has been accidentally dropping a bag of frozen peas on my knee, and having a trapped nerve in my bum when standing up earlier on.

All in all, an improvement on yesterday, even if only a little.

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