Post op- Day 3

Post op- Day 3

Day 3- 

Pretty impressed that this gammy leg hasn’t interrupted my sleeping. I’ve been taking some co-codamol before bed, and not had to take anything else until late morning so far. Today I’ve had some Ibuprofen at 11am, and that’s it (it’s…. just gone 6pm now). Sweeeeet.
Knee swelling is still the same, but overall pain is minimal today. Lots of bruising and swelling around my (c)ankle. Eww.
Really good day today. Real productive. It’s looked like this;


10 x 3 Knee flexion drills
5 x 10 Straight leg raises
2 x 10 Hamstring strengthening contractions
3 x 5 min Knee hangs
Felt reeeeal good doing the exercises today. Especially the knee flexion drills. I wasn’t wimpering in pain and it didn’t feel super tight over the stitches like yeseterday. I managed a 95/100 degree bend which I’m super happy with (as it can take up to 14 days to achieve this).

Knee flexion comparisons

Day 2- approx 90 degrees
Since surgery, I have been using a dinner tray to reduce friction along the carpet, and help slide my leg more easily.
As mentioned before, doing this exercise yesterday was immensely uncomfortable. 
Day 3- approx 100 degrees
I managed about 3 sets of 5 throughout the day, and hated every minute of it. 
Compare that to today…
Where I managed a much larger degree of bend. About 100 degrees.
 It felt much easier to achieve (even without the tray). I could pull it in, in one smooth motion, compared to the jolting I was only capable of yesterday. WIN.

Icing (for 20-30mins)

Trying to get rid of my swollen cankle
It may well be the use of the cryocuff all of yesterday that had helped me achieve so well in the exercises. It really is incredible, and I’d encourage anyone who experiences frequent knee injuries/soreness to invest in one.
Inbetween icing today, I have been practicing my walking. I even managed to tackle some stairs today without injury/death. Weight bearing has been much easier today, and as mentioned above, I have managed to hobble a little without crutches- something I won’t attempt again until I am a little more balanced. The main point I’m trying to make is I’m not experiencing any pain when putting weight through the leg (something which is fairly common).
It’s still super early days, but if I keep progressing as I have been, I’ll be a happy Shebeast.

5 thoughts on “Post op- Day 3”

  • Ah, so that’s what the tray thing under your foot was for! I was confused until you explained it. Also, thought of you recently, as I watched Cyborg compete at the Boca Open here in Florida a few days ago. 🙂

  • Yeah, he was certainly impressive. There was also an interesting contrast between super friendly Cyborg saying hi to everyone and giving them a big hug, versus super mean Cyborg later tapping those same people out with a choke where the main leverage came from driving his knee hard into their neck. 😉

    I’m out here until the 4th May, then back to sunny Bristol. 🙂

  • Hey, I came across your blog online. I have recently had an ACL reconstruction too… I find your blog very helpful! Just wanted to ask, was your leg warm at all, especially where the cuts were made? I have some redness around the cut area and it’s very hot, just worried about DVT x

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