Post op- Day 4

Post op- Day 4

Day 4-

Woke up at 5am. Not in pain or anything, but that was the time my body decided to wake up, and I was wiiiide awake. 

Not much to report today, other than I’ve stopped taking painkillers. I figured I’m not actually in “pain” much, it’s just a dull ache. And I figured I could (wo)man-up enough to not take any pills anymore.


3 x 10 knee flexion
3 x 5 min knee hangs
3 x 10 straight leg raises
3 x 10 hamstring strengthening contractions

 I’m putting it down to the lack of painkillers, as today has been tougher than yesterday. I’m not so naive to believe that every single day is going to be an improvement on the last, as today has proven. I couldn’t manage any more flexion in my knee, but I’m still managing the 95-100 degrees which I’m happy about.

I’ve focused a a lot more on knee extensions today. One of the common side effects of not following rehab thoroughly, is be the long-term inability to fully straighten the leg. I can’t afford to not be able to lock out my leg, so I’ve been making sure I do my knee hangs. Where possible, I’ve been ‘hanging” my good leg too, for comparison. The pictures don’t show it very well (at all) but I was very close to full extension today. It’s a case of really really relaxing. Any tense muscles and it prevents your knee sinking into the hang.

Knee hangs- comparing good and bad knee
 The suns been out lots today so I’ve taken the opportunity to lie out in the sun in a reclining sun lounger whilst resting.

Icing (20-30mins)

Side note; my Mum/Brother freakin hates me for asking them for ice so much. Haaaaaa. Love.
That’s all for today really. Not much to report, but I guess there will be days like this. 
In terms of general exercise, I decided before my operation that I’d give myself 5-7 days to fully rest. I figured my body needs to spend time healing before I try and do anything (which will primarily be upper body stuff for a while). 
Tried some walking today. Not much, because I’m a bit achey. My ankle and calf are still a little swollen, maybe a little less than yesterday though.
Yawn, bit of a boring one today. Hopefully more to report tomorrow.

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