Post op- Day 6

Post op- Day 6

Day 6

Another day of improvements. My ROM has increased yet again and I’ve managed to carry out all my usual exercises painlessly. So in terms of rehabbing, another successful day. But, another boring day. This has literally been my view:

So… bored.. I’m not a big movie person, so I’ve been watching old Metamoris fights on YouTube. I like little people Jiu Jitsu like Jeff Glover and Kristian Woodmansee. Those guys movement is soooo good. I’ve also been searching through Mackenzie Dern’s Facebook and instagram, trying to work out when she had her patella tendon ACL replacement in an attempt to predict how soon I could be back on the matt. Stalker much? 

In additional all that excitement, I’ve been writing a diet plan. Here’s an example of the sort of thing I have to look forward to if I’m to maintain/lose weight whilst I’m largely immobile:

Om nom nom
I get my diet/supplement advice from Crossfit Man (aka Chris Longley) from Crossfit Westcountry. Dude knows his stuff and I appreciate all the advice he gives to me, so I’ll be following his advice on how I can maintain muscle mass and lose fat once I’m more mobile.


3 x 15 knee flexion drills
3 x 5min knee hangs

3 x 10 straight leg raises

3 x 10 quad tensening drills

My phsyio sheet says to stop doing the straight leg raises when they become easy to do again, so I may do them tomorrow for the last time. Knee flexion was awesome again. I upped the 10 to 15 reps today, as they weren’t causing me any issues. Knee hangs are feeling good, I need to remember to relax my glutes and my whole leg in order to really let me knee sink.

I attempted (ppfft, using that term real loosely) another exercise today. Lying on my front, and attempting to bend my leg back (ultimately so my feet can reach my butt). It was a foul experience. Super tight on my stitches. I’ll have to ease slowly into that one, but I’m sure as hell not looking forward to it..

I’ve got my first Physio appointment and my GP checking my dressing booked for this Tuesday (6th May). Will be good to get some advice/recommendations regarding rehab exercises and what I need to do next.

Icing (30-40mins)


Yeah, icing like crazy today. I think the reduction in swelling is what has made my knee flexion exercises easier, so I’m going to continue icing at least 4 times a day.

In terms on my walking progression; I’m still wobbly as hell. I’m a little gutted really, as I’d envisaged myself off crutches by day 7. Then again my nerve block didn’t wear off until day 2. My walking technique is good (I’m not doing anything funky with my hip or relying on the crutches) but I still need them both. Weight bearing isn’t painful, as I can stand still with no crutches with what feels like a 60:40 weight distribution just fine. But no such luck when it comes to walking. *Shrugs*. Might be a mental thing. I’ll keep trying. Getting there slowly!


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