Post op- Week 13 & 14 summary

Post op- Week 13 & 14 summary


  • Comfortably incorporated jumping squats and interval exercises.
  • Single leg squatting a little deeper. Like, a centimeter. But it still counts.
  • Took part in 33.3% of a Jiu Jitsu class. Yeah, that’s right. A third.

Set- backs:

  • Still can’t sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Having leg bent aches, having leg straight aches.
  • Single leg squat is still a bit shit. 
  • I pulled my back doing some 20kg deadlifts. Not in the least bit knee related, but I needed to share my pain.

Week 11/12 goals analysis:

  • Increase dynamic activity
  • Focus on single leg activities to increase strength
  • Attend Jiu Jitsu for some light drills (BOO YEAH!)
  • Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 15/16:

  • Try surfing (?!)
  • Deepen single leg squat by another inch (approx)

Exercises (per day):

  • 15 mins bike
  • 10 x Knee flexion pulls (lying on front/standing with elastic band).
  • 20 x 90-degrees-squats
  • 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)
  • 3 min balance board
  • 20 x legged squats (slow and controlled)
  • 10 x 2 legged balance board squats
  • 10 x Lunges (slow and controlled)

Is this the first week I’ve hit green in all of the goals I set?! I believe it is! Before I started  typing I thought I was going to struggle to find improvements to talk about, but I guess weeks 13 and 14 weren’t as rubbish as I thought!

Exercises have gone well. Not struggling with anything apart from that damn single leg squat. My knee itself doesn’t like bending when all my weight is on it. I’m managing a deeper bend when I put the toes of my other feet on the floor (to fool my brain into thinking that my toes are taking loads of weight off). It’s a balance now between doing exercises for physio purposes and doing exercises for gaining mass again. I feel like I should be having more rest days. My legs don’t ache that much though so I think I’ll just keep going. I feel guilty if I go a day without doing the exercises (which I do before/after a workout).

I’ve managed to go paddleboarding on 2 separate occasions. I can kneel for a short amount of time without any pain (before the pain of DEATH kicks in) and that proved long enough for me to stabilize with my hands and stand up. I’ve also been swimming in the sea and kayaking. I live here, it’s gert lush:


What else? Hhhmmm… oh yeah- I FREAKIN’ DID JIU JITSU. I’ve been a sad shebeast over the last couple of weeks, just filming jiu jitsu instead of doing jiu jitsu. The class this week was lapel chokes from closed and bottom half guard. I managed to squeeze in with a pair (as I couldn’t be in someone else guard due to kneeling issue) and I managed everything fine. I could put my foot on their hips to shrimp out and get space from bottom half, I could twist myself and close a high guard over one shoulder. In the second session when the rest of the class did monkey tree and guard jumping as part of the warm up, I did armbars from guard and the kimura/sit up sweep drill. I did it long enough and intensely enough to work up a sweat. On Thursdays session I drilled maintaining back control for 45mins. It felt amazing. Which is lame, because it wasn’t that amazing. It wasn’t like I was rolling or anything, but it was the closest I’ve been to doing a normal training session in 13 weeks. My gi almost warrants a wash this week! Haaaa.

Oh, but my Physio doesn’t know I’ve trained. My next appointment is next week (6th August) so I might mention it then. I don’t think it’s like going back to football/tennis/rugby too soon. There’s no running, changing direction fast or twisting during closed guard stuff. I consider drilling techniques a a much more controlled situation.

I’ve managed to video a sample of some of the exercises I’ve been doing to stay in shape. I’ve managed to maintain my weight (miraculously!) and I think it’s because I’ve stuck to these kind of workouts 5-6 times a week. Thanks to Magni Power again for the macebell and paralletes- solid pieces of kit I’ve become reliant on


 I’m off to Australia next week for 3 weeks. I figure that’ll give me 3 weeks to build on body weight exercises even more and hopefully come back with an improved chicken leg. Despite what my physio says, I full intend on starting drills by the time I get back (September) which will be 5 months post op. As long as I keep it careful, controlled, and with close training partners that I trust lots, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m not naive enough to attempt any DLR/hooking/lifty thing that I know my leg won’t be able to take. But more guard stuff and hopefully by that stage some guard passing drills won’t hurt. She says..

I’m feeling confident and very positive this week after training. I’m really hoping to be back to some light rolling my Christmas. That’ll be 8 months. The graft will be fine by then, but it ultimately comes down to much much mass I’ve built back and whether my leg is doing a good enough job of protecting my knee. Fingers crossed!

I may post during my holiday, I’ll see how busy I am. In the meantime be sure to check out my YouTube channel with my latest Fightworx BJJ Team video- intro: as well as my workout video (above).

If you’re post ACL surgery too, feel free to comment where abouts you are in your recovery and feel free to ask any questions below or e-mail me at 

Exciting times ahead,




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