Post op- Week 15, 16, 17 & 18

Post op- Week 15, 16, 17 & 18


  • I ROLLED. 

Set- backs:

  • Ache after rolling
  • Stiffness on holiday-not been consistent with leg hangs.

Week 13/14 goals analysis:

  • Try surfing
  • Deepen single leg squat by another inch (approx)

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 19/20:

  • Train 2 x a week- mainly drills with light rolling once a week
  • Start taking measurements of quads

Exercises (per day):

  • 10 x 90-degrees-squats
  • 1 x 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)

I’m back in groggy England after an epic 3 week holiday in Australia. Quite a lot of progress over the past 4 weeks (as I didn’t blog the week I left either- whoops) so I’ll do my best to summarize in one post.


Biggest things to note are the acheage that I had for the first week or so. Maybe it’s the 6 bajillion hours on a plane, but my knee felt really stiff for a solid week. Regular swimming in the pool improved it, but my daily activities included lots of walking, which probably caused it to swell up a little again.

My exercise regime whilst away has been a little less regimental than at home. I.e I’ve had to improvise. The pool was awesome actually. I could stand in thigh deep water and do full depth single leg squats on my bad leg. There were killer steps up to our apartment, and I always walked up leading with my bad leg (that counts as step ups I guess?).

General ROM has been good. Well enough to bend down and stroke a kangaroo (still a skewed weight distribution between good and bad leg though). Getting up off the beach/floor has been good. My technical stand up has had a lot of practice!


Biggest and bestest highlight of Australia- I ROLLED. 

Wandering through the Sunshine plaza scoffing my face with a pink dinosaur donut from donut king, when my brother shouted ‘Scramble!’ and pointed to some dude in the mall wearing a Scramble hoody. An old one at that- the purple Newaza one. We notice he is sat by an Infinity Martial Arts booth so we walked over. We got chatting and we realised he was British too. He offered us 1 week free training at their Maroochydore academy. I hadn’t brought a gi with me, but I’d snuck a rash guard and some shorts into my luggage. So on our last week there, we rocked up and trained a couple of sessions (not before I had bought a knee brace!). When I met the instructor, Paul (who is also British) I explained about my knee and that I’d be very limited on what I could do. He was very understanding and told me to do what I could, and not to worry as the guys at the club were a good bunch.

1510817_836929526358352_8760645687713136744_nWe drilled a nogi guard break and pass, from involved standing. Something I was massively hesitant of. The knee brace helped LOADS with my ability to kneel, and my ROM and strength has improved lots more since the last time I trained, which meant I could control myself better when standing and I didn’t feel so wobbly. I drilled with brother, who has trained for a few months, so I knew that he would be gentle with me- and if not, I’d make his life hell! Once we finished drilling the technique it was sparring time. I agreed to roll with my brother super light. He doesn’t particularly do light, but I managed to slow him down and avoid any weird twists with my leg. I played a lot of half guard and deep half, and too my surprise, I managed to sweep and come up to my knees to start passing easily. That knee brace was a god send. My second roll was with a lady that trained there called Genevieve. I explained about my knee and she agreed to roll light. It, was , amazing. I could sweep, pass, maintain side control/mount/backmount, but better than all that- I could move. You know what I mean by move? Like, smoothly move. I could people surf, switch my hips and glide around over someone when they were turtled. I had kept the thing I was most worried about losing- fluidity. My final roll was with Paul himself. It was a great roll, with loads of movement. He gave me a few tips on grips when in deep half, and he complimented me on parts of my top game. 

I honestly can’t put into words how happy I felt leaving after class. Messy hair, sweaty body.After 17 weeks of not being able to do that part of Jiu Jitsu that makes it so addictive, I felt quite emotional on the drive home.10590683_683057908414191_3616775757061077591_n

So, what now? I’m not fixed. I know that much. I still have a chicken leg, one that needs more muscle. But what I do know is that I’m capable of some rolling. I’ll go back to training twice a week now I’m home, and hope to light roll once a week- depending on how my knee feels. The priority is still to increase mass and strength in that leg. I’ not getting ahead of myself, and I’m not going to re-injure myself by pushing myself too much.

The blog will continue until I am back to what I and my Physio deem 100%. But at the 4 month stage things are looking very promising indeed!



4 thoughts on “Post op- Week 15, 16, 17 & 18”

  • Great to read all your updates ,I’m due to get my acl repaired on 8th oct and am terrified I won’t be able to train and roll again post op,your blog is really reassuring .best of luck on the last steps of your recovery

  • Hi! Thanks si much for your article! ita helped me gain a lot of insight on the injury 🙁 I’m almost 4 weeks post op now and wondering if I will have to cancel my euro trip that I have in August (3.5 months post op) I know there will be a lot of walking involved but I don’t want to do anything to ruin my leg more or set me back from progress. Do you think I will be fine to walk for long amount of time and go on an 8 hour flight by 3.5 months post op?

  • Hi,

    Great blog for all the recontructed people out there.

    Im 16 weeks out, my PT says i can start drilling. Do you have any advice. Im dyin to drill but honestly im afraid to bust my hammy graft.

    Any advice?

    Best regards & happy rollin’

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