Post op- Week 5 summary

Post op- Week 5 summary


  • Walking without brace
  • Maintaining control of swelling 
  • Consistently with new exercises
  • Got back to driving
  • Can walk up and down stairs without looking special

Set- backs:

  • Very stiff without morning bike session to loosen knee
  • Knee hangs take a while to sink into. And requires excessive swearing.
  • I keep kicking shit. And it hurts.

Week 5 goals analysis:

  • Push closer to full ROM (150 degree aim)
  • Manage swelling better

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 6:

  • ACTUALLY do some pull ups..
  • Progress with increasing flexion
  • Follow any advice from surgeon at 6 week consultation appointment

Exercises (3 times a day) 

  • 10 x Knee flexion pulls (lying on front/standing with elastic band).
  • 20 x quarter squats
  • 3 x 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)
  • 20 min bike 

Icing regime: 20/30mins 1/2x a day

Week 5. The week I jacked in the leg brace. I hate it. I’m walking much better without it, and I don’t feel unstable anymore (which I did when walking without it previously). 

Something else I should mention is the lack of icing that has occurred this week. Whether it’s because I’m moving house and therefore sat down in a shell of a house painting all day, or just because I’m being lazy. Regardless, icing is a once, maybe twice a day occurrence right now. I’m not waking up with a swollen leg after a day of walking around. If anything, it swells after I’ve done my morning workout. It feels a little stiffer in the middle of the day, but 5mins back on the bike really helps relieve that. 

So yeah, I’ve been doing my morning workouts which consist of lots of swings, cleans and overhead presses. I’m also squatting deeper than that lame quarter squat. The phsyio has said I can start to hold a weight whilst doing them if I can’t feel my quads working, so I’m doing the lamest goblin squats you’ve EVER seen. Still no pull ups though. I’m trying to get a decent heart racing workout in (which is hard without my normal mix of deep squats/lunges and burpees). So I have been neglecting pull ups, but I’ll start integrating them into my workouts. Pinky promise.


Negatives this week; despite being able to get into negative degrees (hyperextension) and showing progression in the nasty lying-on-front-and-pulling-heel-t0-butt exercises, both haven’t been achieved without a considerable amount of discomfort. I’m using push up bars to put my heel on so my knee can hyperextend just past 0 degrees. Once I’ve fully relaxed into the hang, it’s lovely. But getting there is horrible. I know I need to keep pushing so extension in both legs are equal (especially as I’ve read that if hyperextension isn’t achieved by week 6-8 it’s near on impossible to achieve in a later stage of recovery). So I’ve been making sure I do them. With plenty of swearing thrown in. My Mum’s so proud of me. Oh, and because I’m progressing well with walking, I’m walking a little faster. This means I’m being a little more careless, in that sometimes I’m not picking my foot up high enough to step over things, and I’m booting them with my foot. Which is nice.


Oh yeah, I also drove my car for the first time this week. To Morrisons. My life is too crazy.

Aims for week 6 an d 7- FULL ROM BABY.


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