Post op- Week 6 summary

Post op- Week 6 summary


  • Walking “normally”
  • Back to work
  • Continued progress with flexion- heel almost touching butt
  • Muscle atrophy halted, and beginning to build back

Set- backs:

  • Weird click when bending knee whilst turning, usually going up steps
  • Ache still very obvious by 4/5pm
  • Stabbing quad pain keeps making a return

Week 6 goals analysis:

  • ACTUALLY do some pull ups..
  • Progress with increasing flexion

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 7:

  • Master walking down stairs
  • 5 x a week kettlebell workout with focus on rebuilding quad
  • 20min bike ride every day

Exercises (2 times a day) 

  • 10 x Knee flexion pulls (lying on front/standing with elastic band).
  • 20 x quarter squats
  • 3 x 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)
  • 20 min bike 

Icing regime: 20/30mins 1/2x a day

So week 6 saw me return to work. I returned with my brace on, to lots of iron man/forest gump style jokes. As a teacher, I figured it was good to make sure I was wearing the brace to prevent being mowed down in one of the corridors after the bell goes, as walking against the flow of traffic can be like trying to swim up river sometimes. The brace came off at the end of the week (yaaaay) but I have been cheating and not wearing it at home much anyway, only when I feel like I need a little help with stability I.e walking into town. 

I’ve been making sure I complete my exercises still, which if I’m totally honest has been harder this week than the previous weeks. Being more mobile means I’ve got to remember to fit in the exercises throughout the day, and unfortunately there were a couple of days where I only did the exercises twice a day.

The bike and quarter squats seem to be having a positive affect as my operated leg doesn’t seem quite so chicken like anymore. The stabbing pain on the outside of my quad has returned every now and then, but I figure that’s just it moaning that it’s being used again.

Current state of my quads


 A nice surprise this week was the arrival of some Pony Club Grappling Gear dino spats. 

IMG_20140603_095858What’s that blue stuff in the background you say? Oh nothing, just my GYM ROOM. Amongst moving house I have managed to mat out the spare room with my zebra roll out mat, and some gym mats. It’s a nice size and I can’t wait to use it for doing some individual drills over the coming months. It’s meant I have a space to hang all my gis together, check out my collection (Inverted Panda in blue and Tatami Terere gi missing from photo). 10304332_647106862009296_6747716283987320311_nThere’s also a space in my new wardrobe for the 20+ spats and rashguards I own. Leaving approx 2 shelves for my civilian clothes.. Aaaanyway.

My exercises are going well, and I am walking normally. Still very achey come the evening though. Icing is hell to try and keep on top of and I’m managing once a day. I am beginning to wonder if the icing is doing much anymore. I tend to ice in the evening when it’s feeling sore, so I’ll continue with that anyway. Phsyio again next week sometime so I’ll see what new exercises I’ll be introduced to then.

Progress is steady, but a little mundane right now.  I think the first few weeks is where the initial progress is really noticeable, so I’m expecting it to slow down a little now. I will combine weeks 7 and 8 together and post again in a fortnight. Hopefully I’ll be able to condense 2 weeks worth of progress into a decent and informative post.


                           Knee hangs                                                                                       Ready for some flexion drills

My articles in Jiu Jitsu Style magazine for the next few issues will be looking at my progression from week 1 to 6, so if you’re after a super brief summary, check it out. Check out and subscribe to Jiu Jitsu Style here.

Back to training next Tuesday, I’ll share some photos of training, my home gym and any updates with you in 2 weeks.



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