Post op- Week 7 & 8 summary

Post op- Week 7 & 8 summary


  • Almost total lack of pain/ache
  • Walking with no limp and at a faster, less hesitant pace
  • Proper workouts- 30mins on bike, then kettlebell circuits
  • Catching/clicking when walking up stairs reduced.

Set- backs:

  • Scar tissue catching on front of knee causes pain and temporary loss of flexion
  • Walking down stairs still sucks
  • Prone to the odd tweak/ twist as movement is almost normal- have to adapted a fully aware state when moving around. I’ts very zen.

Week 7/8 goals analysis:

  • Master walking down stairs
  • 5 x a week kettlebell workout with focus on rebuilding quad
  • 20min bike ride every day

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 9/10:

  • Achieve single leg 45 degree squat
  • Massage scar to break down scar tissue (to reduce ‘catching’ sensation)
  • Add a 5 min jog into alternate day workouts

Exercises (2 times a day): Introduced by Physio

  • 20 mins bike
  • 10 x Knee flexion pulls (lying on front/standing with elastic band).
  • 20 x as-close-to-90-degrees-squats
  • 2 x 5min knee hangs
  • 20 x step ups (on stairs)
  • 5 mins jog
  • 15 x lunges
  • 3 min balance board
  • 15 x chair squats


In week 7 I had a consultation with my surgeon. He was very happy with my progress and was happy with the surgery. He did note that there was some wear and tear along my cartilage (which should be all smooth and lovely, but mine has a few shark fin style tears sticking up out of it) which he thinks was caused by my knee not rolling probably through lack of ACL functioning over the past 9 months. He’s fairly confident that it will heal itself now I have a working ACL that won’t cause my patella to scrape along the cartilage. He also said how I was a little too bendy. He commented on the operating table that the natural bend in my knees is too bendy. Too much hyper-extension. The new graft I have is for “normal” flexion (knee bars on my right leg only please people..) My surgeon says I can stretch it if I want, through knee hanging exercises, but that it won’t be doing as good a job as a graft of “normal” tightness. My hyper-extensiveness has never caused me issues before. My injury was from a single accident, and a nasty twist and extension. I’m going to continue to let my operated knee hang into hyper-extension but I won’t push it to be at the same level as my good knee. I’ll see how that goes for a while anyway. Surgeon pretty much then sent me on my way and told me to be a good girl and listen to my physio.


The physio dished out some new exercises mainly in the form of lunges, single leg squats(basically sitting in a chair and just using my operated leg to stand back up again with) and jogging. Man, I hate jogging. It’s so boring. And I’m not convinced it’s any good for joints (nor is BJJ I guess- ha!) but I’ll incorporate it and see how it goes.

I’ve added those to my workout list (see above) but one thing you may notice is the lack of icing. I felt like the role of icing had plateued off at about week5/6 and seems I was right. Physio said it won’t be doing anything beneficial in terms of healing anymore, and it’s easy enough to control swelling with elevation after exercises from now on. Icing has definitely kept my swelling under control from the first few days out of hospital and something I’ve very happy I persisted in icing so regularly.  It’s important to control the initial swelling so you can start doing Physio, now it’s controlled and not impeding my rehab, it’s time to say farewell to my cyrocuff. IMG_20140607_102714

Problems in week 7 and 8 week have come in the form of an evident catching sensation in my knee when it flexes when walking (mostly upstairs). Most of the time it is in the form of a click, which is painless. Sometimes it is a catching sensation, like a tendon is caught over something, which is initally painful and immobilising, before I can feel something (probably scar tissue) move to a side of my knee and only then can I regain movement. It’s weird. I have to wait a couple of seconds, then bend my knee before I can feel whatever is catching move out the way. My surgeon says it’s normal and is 99% sure it’s scar tissue floating around. He’s told me to make sure I’m massaging my scar in order to break down the tissue and prevent it getting in the way. Euurggh. Gross.

Positives include the fact that week 8 is already an improvement on week 7 regarding catching feeling and aches. I’m used to being back on my feet, and I’m not feeling super achey and like I need to rest my knee multiple times throughout the day. Despite my physio saying I shouldn’t be pushing my knee past 130 degrees, I am actually about 3 inches away from my knee touching my butt. I’m sure he told me to try and increase flexion as much as I could tolerate. It’s not been as painful as the initial regaining of flexion so I figure I’ll just carry on.

I managed to set up the TRX kit in the garden to workout in the sunshine (whilst it lasts). Gym still isn’t fully sorted so no pictures yet.. (hopefully in the next blog!)


It’s the end of week 8 now and I can almost walk down stairs normally. Day to day ache is massively reduced and the catching is much less frequent. I even managed to join in at training tonight- some grip breaks from closed guard. It felt so happy to be back on the mat, and used the time to take some photos of my team-mates. I’ve been doing filming ready to make a mini Fightworx team video (got some awesome ideas planned for that).

That’s all. Roll on week 12 when I can start to step things up a little!


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