shebeast apparel

shebeast apparel

Long time no speak. I’m lazy. Actually, I’m busy. But to summarise:

  1. I’ve moved to Australia

  2. I’m part of a badass new team, Absolute MMA

  3. Life is rad

And now for some news: Super happy excited time! I’m finally going to launch shebeast as a jiu jitsu apparel brand. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I guess I figured I need to try it and see how it goes. How will I ever know if it could be a success if I don’t try it?

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled over the coming months. I’ll start off slowly (because I’m noob) but I’m hoping to eventually become a millionaire that holidays all the time, adopts a gazillion kitties and lives on a yacht. Fuckin’ sorted.

I’ll also update this website more regularly. Pinky promise.

So, what kind of gear would you want to see produced initially? Fuck right off if you suggest a gi. That’s the holy grail bro. I’ll work up to that…

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