Post op- Week 3 summary

Post op- Week 3 summary

Week 3


  • 130 degree flexion
  • Short walk into town (woohoo!)
  • Maintained a healthy diet. Feeling goooood
  • Off painkillers


  • Increased amount of aching and stiffness when waking
  • Increased swelling after days of increased movement

Week 3 goals analysis:

  • Use bike regularly
  • Maintain consistency with rehab exercises
  • Increase quad/hamstring strength in operated leg
  • Complete a ‘knee friendly’ workout every day to prevent weight gain

Green= achieved    Orange= Meh, kinda   Red= Not achieved

Goals for week 4:

  • Stop being a FATTY (do circuits to maintain strength/fight flab)
  • Progress to 2 x 20min bike sessions a day
  • Start chin up challenge- 50 chin ups a day. To build beautiful lats.

Exercises: (3 times a day)

  • 20 x knee flexion
  • 20 x quarter squats
  • 20 x hamstring catches
  • 3 x 5 min knee hangs

Icing regime: Every 2/3 hours 3/4 times a day (20-30mins)


I’ve experienced continual progress this week. A little more flexion (about 130) and walking a little less weirdly. I’ve ditched the crutches for good (I hope) and am due to see the Physio again on at the start of week 4. Have a look:


I have also lost 5lbs. Now, when I normally experienceweight loss I feel proud and happy. Only, this time I’m 99% sure that this loss is muscle wastage from my quad..


I’m fully aware that picture shows very little in the way of wastage, but from my viewpoint, looking down at my legs, the outer edge of my leg is lacking the definition of it’s non operated on friend.

Funnily enough, I’m noticing a massive lack of strength in my quad, so I’ve upped my lame quarter squat to a half squat. I’m not that far off a normal 90 degree squat, but I’m focussing on ensuring there is a 50:50 weight distribution going on. I can really feel it in my knee. It’s not painful, but not particularly comfortable. However, it is bearable, so I intend on doing it in order to prevent anymore wastage.


Another angle. Yeah, it looks like I’ve imagined the muscle wastage. It is there, I promise!




My scabby wound is healing quite nicely. Who doesn’t love a good scab picking session?! 

I walked a lot more this week, and to be honest I have been feeling it. A day spent on my feet trying to be a little more active, has resulted in a slightly more swollen knee the next day. It’s still quite stiff when waking up, or when I sit down for any length of time. I’m finding the best way of loosening it is by using  a static bike. The first few pedals feel horrific, but after 10 or so, it loosens up really well and I can pedal for a good 10mins or so before any aching occurs. By aching, it’s a very specific ache. Not in my knee as such, but where the patells tendon is situated (below the kneecap). I guess that’s where they harvested the graft from, and where there will be a gaping big hole in it, so I guess a bit of ache-age is to be expected.

I have managed a walk into town today. A hobble really. My normal walking pace is quite fast, so I’m struggling to slow down my walk to ensure I’m weight bearing properly and not limping. Mindful walking, if you will. There was a real increase in swelling size the following day though, which is really frustrating when I spend so much time icing it (and filling up those crappy ice bags full of water, and making a mess and swearing at the sink..). The first few months is going to be a battle of controlling the swelling though. A battle I shall win. WIN. 

Uuumm, not much else to report this week. Other than I’ve been lazy. Feeling very unmotivated when it comes to working out, thus a week 4 goal to improve on that has been set. I’ll have more to talk about next week as I’m hoping the Physio will dish out some more hardcore exercises. I’ve never been a patient person, and not training is really starting to kick in now. I have discovered I can still bamby brambi bramby roll though. I figure any agility drill I can practise will benefit me in the long run. I’ve been hanging out in inverted guard a little too. Getting my Panda on.

Yeah, that’s it. Progression has slowed down a lot since week 1, which is to be expected as I’ve read it online. And you can trust eeeeeverything you read online. I guess I’ll be seeing slow but steady improvements in certain aspects of recovery (ROM, stability, walking). 

P.S Good luck to all those competing at the British Open this weekend. I should be there. Screw you. Screw you all.


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